Tumblr Starter Roundup Post
You may respond to one of my characters, even if you don't yet have a character journal
Simply put your tumblr user name in the subject line of your response so I know who's posting

Agent York
Agent Texas
Agent North
Dylan Andrews
Writing the App

Each game has its own standards in what it looks for in an application. Since Mercenary Mayhem is meant to be casual and caters to beginners, the process we've instituted is pretty simple. Here's a link to the application page. The meat of the app is in the personality and back story sections. We don't have a word minimum on these portions on the app, but we do want to give some examples to show how much detail we may be looking for when your app is submitted for review.

Application: Native Omega

Application: AU York

Application: Native Jimmy

Application: OU Deanna Troi

As you can see, the back story and personality sections vary in length, but all of them convey the history succinctly without sacrificing detail. 


One of the most important sections of your app is the writing sample. From it the mods gain insight into your grip on character voice and your competence as a writer. But you don't have to write something from scratch. We've also given you the opportunity to post your character to a test drive meme to practice playing and interact with other players. The best advice, if you intend to use a test drive thread for your sample, is to make sure to include a little introspection and character gestures in the telling of events.

Otherwise you can just write a sample as in the examples above.

Posting the App

Beyond gaining you entrance to the game, the application is also meant to be available to other players who might want to get a little bit of insight into your character. This is why you'll usually see people post the application to their character journal and then linking it from the app page. 

HTML is commonly used in posting links in Dreamwidth comments. This is the code for making a link:

<a href=http://texelations.dreamwidth.org>This is a link to this blog.</a>

Write your character's name in the subject line of a new comment on the app page before posting the link in the body of the comment text box.

Speaking of which...

Use of subject lines

Subject lines are versatile and are used in a myriad of ways.

The way subject lines are used the most often are in responding to network posts. Characters respond via either text, voice, or video, and the method chosen is put in the subject line of the response. 

Another example where use of subject lines is helpful is when multiple options are given for a log. For example, a character may post that they can be found in 2 or 3 separate places in the course of a day. The responder would place where they found the first character in the subject line.

Subject lines are also used for communication between players:

Also, they are used to give pertinent information to readers, such as trigger warnings:

Character Journal Posts

As mentioned before, it's customary to put your application on your character journal so that other players can view it if they wish. There are a few other posts that may be placed on the character journal, as well.

1. HMD post: HMD stands for "how's my driving" and it's where people can come and comment on your strengths or weaknesses as a player. It's customary to turn on comment screening for this post. 

2. IC Contact: This is a page that is often used in tandem with the game community for quick interactions between characters that you don't feel like making an entire post to the community about.

3. Thread tracking: This is completely optional. Some people find it helpful; others think it's too much work. It basically consists of a post where you link each post your character makes or that they respond to. 


This is a simple option to be found on the account settings page that makes individual journal entries much easier to read. Go to the page and select the display tab:

After this, simply scroll down and uncheck the option that reads "show my journal's entry pages in my chosen style instead of the site skin."

Name: Marti
Contact: [plurk.com profile] texelations
Other characters played here: n/a
Age: Over 18

Name: Jimmy
Native, OU, or AU: Native
Canon (if applicable): Red vs. Blue
Character journal used: [personal profile] mayhem_npc
Reference (if applicable): http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Jimmy
Canon point (if applicable): n/a
  • Projects a sincere and down-home demeanor.
  • Shrewd businessman, con man
  • Reminisces about good times a lot, tells stories/anecdotes
  • Likes to extend benevolent actions when they will eventually benefit him (such as putting travelers from the portal in casino housing - he expects to eventually draw rent and other business from them)
  • Has his hand in a number of businesses in Gulch, often without people's knowledge - construction, loans
  • Huge supporter of the current mayor, large contributions to his campaigns 
Back story: Jimmy was born and raised here on Adaptive, in the city of SHN-3 or Shine. Taken under the wing of an older brother when he was fourteen, Jimmy started out his career in the mercenary business as a package runner. He became adept at giving authorities and competitors the slip and soon was able to move up to the role of bodyguard within the group. But Jimmy had begun to show another, greater talent: he was exceptionally suited to working the long con. This was a role he took on in secret, though, keeping his earnings a secret from his brother and the other members of the mercenary group. Jimmy earned several thousand credits along with a reputation among the wealthier members of the society in Shine. Soon enough he was found out when it became clear he would have to move on or become apprehended for his most recent crime. And more than that, he'd have to do it on his own to avoid his compatriots coming after him for his duplicity.

So Jimmy left Shine under cover of night and made his way, eventually, to Gulch. Having nothing else to spend his hoard of money on, he bought himself a small hotel. Eventually he was able to turn the earnings from this business around (along with a little extra skimmed off for himself on the side) to buy a casino, and this was the beginning of his ascension into one of the richest men in Gulch.

Though Jimmy tends to use male pronouns, he discovered during the commissions of a few cons that he is genderfluid, and will sometimes prefer to be called Kimmy. One job in particular stuck out—in the course of romancing his mark under the name of Kimmy, he fell in love with her, and still regrets to this day carrying through with the operation. Sometimes he still speaks of her fondly as the girl back home.


[ Jimmy has a special video communicator on his desk, and he activates it, leaning back into his plush leather desk chair, his face the first thing that comes into view for those watching the transmission. Clearly the office he's sitting in has good quality seals and air filtration, as relaxed as he is, sitting here helmetless. Then he starts to speak, and as he does so, his drawl is measured and kind. ]

Why hello. This is the owner of the establishment where you have found yourself. You can call me Jimmy. 
I apologize for the inconvenience, folks, and I'm sure you're just itching to know the circumstances behind what you're experiencing, so the first thing I'd like to assure you of is that you're perfectly safe. The portal you see in the room with you is the Transponser, and it's the method by which you were brought here. Truth be told the Transponser is in a bit of a delicate state and though we've been doing our best to repair it, it occasionally glitches and brings in travelers like yourself.
I know this is a lot to take in, but as the current owner of the Transponser, I've arranged for room and board for you here in my casino until you're able to get on your feet here in the city. There is a button by the door that when you hit will dispense a numbered keycard for you. A map to your room is printed on the back. Someone will be along shortly after you're settled in to give you a crash course on life on Adaptive, take your info, and all that administrative sort of stuff. I’m sure you understand.
The important thing is be sure to go over to that rack of helmets, find one that fits, and wear that wherever you go. There are occasional deadly dust storms in the city and the helmet is your best protection against ill affects.
I'm sorry for the circumstances of your arrival but I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. Welcome to Gulch.

[ Jimmy leaves the viewer with one last sincere smile and switches off the communicator. ]


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